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Sanchi Yae - King of Blood Purifier

Sanchi -- The Miraculous Herb!

The origin of the name Sanchi

The commonly used scientific name for Sanchi, or three-seven root in Chinese, is Panax Notoginseng. The Chinese refer to it as three-seven root because the plant has three branches with seven leaves each (three to the left and four to the right), as described in Bencao Gangmu (also known as Compendium of Materia Medica) written by Li Shizhen, a prominent medical expert of the Ming Dynasty.
The scientific name is Panax Notoginseng (Bark) (F.H .Chen), belong to araliaceae plant of Panax. It is famous Traditional Chinese Medicine. Its roots , stems, leaves , flowers, fruits are all great medicine worth. Its main component Rg 1 and Rb 1 is more than that which contained in other ginsengs. It has remarkable effects on:

  • anti-fatigue,
  • reducing blood fat and blood clotting,
  • stimulate blood circulation,
  • and improve immunity of human body.

Sanchi -- The Treasure from South China

More About TKL Sanchi

Sanchi is regarded as a top-grade crude drug of marvelous health-giving attributes by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). According to Compendium of Materia Medica, Sanchi is warm in nature, sweet and slightly bitter in taste, and helpful for treating all diseases of the blood.
In his medical compilation Bencao Gangmu Shiyi (also known as Supplement to Compendium of Materia Medica), Zhao Xuemin of the Qing Dynasty pointed out:
In contrast, while Ginseng is the most efficacious for nvigorating the vital energy called qi in our body, Sanchi tops the list of all herbs in enriching the blood. Nevertheless, since Sanchi is in the same family as Ginseng, the two of them taste almost the same and have many curative functions in common.

Sanchi has since time immemorial known for its amazing efficacy in the treatment of blood disorders, which include blood stasis, bleeding, and blood deficiency, thus acquiring the reputation as being The Miraculous Herb. In fact, as Sanchi features a much richer content of effective constituents than Ginseng does, it has been dubbed the King of Ginseng by TCM pharmacologists of today.
Thanks to the numerous breakthroughs achieved in the medical field, the modern-day human race has been able to gain a more in-depth understanding of Sanchi’s therapeutic value based on scientific findings. From the clinical results of his research work on the pharmacological actions of Sanchi in subduing tumor growth,
Professor Sato Akihiko from Oncology Society of Japan reported:
Sanchi has shown to be capable of subduing the growth of tumor cells by 90% and above. When prescribed to terminal phase cancer patients, the response time for observable signs of health improvement ranged from 1 month to 3. For terminal phase tumor patients initially expected to survive for another half a year or so, their symptoms showed an improvement rate of up to 90%, with halted proliferation in half of the tumor cells and 80% of the patients had their life expectancy significantly extended. In conclusion, Sanchi became the ultimate salvation for these patients.

Extensive studies carried out by the medical fraternity have led to the discovery that Sanchi is not only helpful for the prevention and treatment of health problem related to the blood, but also exhibits remarkable efficacy in two-way regulation of the blood sugar and blood pressure as well as two-way modulation of the nervous system, in addition to subduing tumor growth and retarding the ageing process.

Thai Kang Long (TKL) Sanchi

TKL Sanchi Farm in South China

TKL Sanchi - Siam Bio-Tech Pharmaceuticals Lab

TKL Sanchi is Helpful for treating Diseases of the Blood

TKL Sanchi is already known to help Patients of Cancer, AIDs, Diabetes and Heart Diseases

TKL Sanchi has been known in the U.S.A, Europe and South East Asia.

Functions of Sanchi

Major Functions of Sanchi

  • Dilate the blood vessel, bring down blood pressure, improve micro-circulation, increase the volume of blood flow, help prevent and relieve conditions associated with the deficiency of blood and oxygen in the heart and brain tissues.
  • Promote the synthesis of protein, RNA, and DNA to reinforce the physical constitution.
  • Enhance cellular metabolism of the blood and facilitate regulatory balance of the blood cells.
  • Two-way modulation of the central nervous system to elevate mental faculty, augment learning ability, and improve memory power.
  • Fortify the immune (system) defense to combat tumor growth.
  • Stop bleeding, remove blood stasis, and encourage more efficient blood flow.
  • Protect the liver and counter inflammation.
  • Retard the ageing process.
  • Two-way regulation of blood sugar as well as reduction of blood pressure and blood cholesterol to discourage hardening of the arteries.
  • Effective control of bodyweight and fight obesity.
  • Help prevent abdominal pain that occurs during vigorous physical workout without causing any side effect.
  • Maximize the utilization of oxygen to build stamina and elevate athletic performance.
  • Nourish the cardiac muscles, assist in normal functioning of the heart, and toughen the cardiovascular system of athletes participating in events that demand tough physical endurance.
  • The use of Sanchi saponin solution in place of heparin during peritoneal dialysis can improve micro-circulation functions of the liver to beef up its detoxification capacity.
  • The saponin, polysaccharide, and other active constituents in Sanchi are capable of protecting the liver cells and the cytomembrane for effective prevention and treatment of fatty liver and various forms of damage inflicted to the liver.
  • Sanchi saponin solution is effective in curing muscular spasm in the face.

Actual effects of Sanchi on human body's function

Since 1930's especially in the recent 20 over years, local and foreign academicians have carried out extensive pharmacological and clinical studies on Sanchi leading to considerable new outcome as well as development in medical application of Sanchi.

The Blood and its Production System
Sanchi with its exceptional haemostatic ability is capable of noticeably shortening the duration of bleeding by effecting quick coagulation of the blood. It promotes the division and growth of various blood cells to increase their number, enrich the blood, remove stasis, and speed up their renewal.
The Cardiovascular System
Clinical tests have shown that Sanchi is remarkable in dilating the blood vessels, decreasing resistance and strengthening micro-circulation in the coronary arteries, nourishing and increasing the blood flow in the cardiac muscles, reducing the arterial blood pressure, and slowing down heartbeat to ease the burden of the heart and markedly lessen the rate of oxygen consumed by the cardiac muscles, hence is effective in treating the conditions of cardiac blood deficiency, angina pectoris, and shock.
The Nervous System
The above-ground part of Sanchi plant exhibits an amazing ability in calming the nerves, relaxing the mind, and promoting sound sleep. On the other hand, the under-ground part is notable in exciting the central neurons, enhancing mental alertness, and removing fatigue. All parts of Sanchi are effective in augmenting learning ability and improving memory, apart from playing a significant role in relieving pain.
As Sanchi is capable of countering the condition of increased permeability in the blood vessels, it can work wonders in subduing inflammation.
Immune System
The saponin of Sanchi can markedly elevate the functions of phagocytes, increase the population of peripheral white blood cells, and restrain their mobility, hence contributes to modulating the immune system.
Sanchi contains saponin, ?-elemene, and various anti-cancer trace elements such as">selenium. The Rh1 content of Sanchi saponin is able to subdue the growth of cancerous liver cells, while the Rh2 content exhibits an even more powerful anti-tumor efficacy, in addition to the ability in converting cancerous cells into normal ones. Also, the polysaccharides in Sanchi help supplement the treatment of cancer by fortifying the immune defense of our body.
Counter Oxidation and Retard Ageing
As a powerful antioxidant, Sanchi can markedly revitalize the activities of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) and reduce the content of Lipoperoxide (LPO) in brain tissues and the blood, while at the same time reduce the content, hence contributes to retarding the ageing process.
Substance Metabolism
Sanchi saponin exhibits an amazing capability in elevating or lowering the sugar content in the blood to keep the former at a normal level. Moreover, it also reduces the level of blood lipids, in particular triglyceride, promotes the synthesis of protein in the liver, kidneys, testicles, and blood serum, apart from facilitating the synthesis of DNA in various organs and tissues.
Other effects and clinical conditions of Sanchi

Applications of Sanchi

Just drink 20ml a day or 4 tablespoons spread throughout the day
i.e.1 tablespoon at least 30mins before or after breakfast, then another 1 tablespoon during break time in the morning and in the afternoon, and lastly 1 tablespoon before going to bed.

Applications and Pharmacology

  • To treat various types of internal and external bleeding syndromes:
  • Hemostatic effect. This herb can not only arrest bleeding, but also dissipate blood stasis, producing outstanding curative effects. It is used for various types of internal and external bleeding syndromes and is especially applicable to bleeding syndromes due to blood stasis. It is an excellent herb with features such as the ability to arrest bleeding without leaving any blood stasis and to dissipate blood stasis without impairing primordial qi. It can take effect when used alone for oral administration and external application. It can also be used in combination with ophicalcite and burnt hair, e.g., Huaxue Dan in the book 'Records of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine in Combination'. It has good effect on treating all kinds of hemorrhage diseases, such as, emptysis, ophthalmorrhagia, bleeding (all kinds of bleeding in general). It is also good for treating blood in stool, uterine bleeding, and excessive menstruation.
  • Control postpartum bleeding in women:
  • Notoginseng is used to treat external and internal bleeding, including nosebleeds and bloody stools and urine. According to an American herbalist, notoginseng has been used in the United States for some years to control postpartum bleeding in women and heavy bleeding associated with menopause. As of 2002, some herbalists are recommending notoginseng as an alternative to hormone replacement therapy.
  • To treat traumatic injuries and blood stasis with pain:
  • This herb can promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis to subdue swelling and kill pain, so it is a major traumatological herb. It can be used alone for oral administration or external application or in combination with blood-circulation-promoting and qi-activating herbs.
  • To treat other syndromes due to blood stasis, such as coronary angina pectoris, ischemic cerebrovascular diseases, cerebral hemorrhagic sequelae, chronic hepatitis due to blood stasis and metroptosis:
  • In recent years, this herb has produced quite good curative effects in the treatment of such ailments as coronary angina pectoris, ischemic cerebrovascular diseases, cerebral hemorrhagic sequelae, etc., as it can dissipate blood stasis. It can also be used for chronic hepatitis due to blood stasis. In addition, its injectio has been used for intramuscular injections and it has been made into vaginal suppositories for the treatment of metroptosis.
  • General tonic:
  • Notoginseng root has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. One of China's most famous herbalists said that the root was "more valuable than gold." The herb is used as a general tonic, or a medicine to tone and strengthen the entire system. In particular, notoginseng is considered a blood and heart tonic. Chinese herbalists consider it to have a neutral energy, meaning it is neither heating nor cooling in the system. In traditional Chinese medicine, notoginseng is believed to act on the Heart and Kidney meridians, which are the channels that contain the flow of qi (life energy) in the body. The herb was given the name "mountain paint" because a liquid solution of it is prescribed to reduce swelling and boils on the body. From notoginseng, researchers have isolated chemicals called saponins and flavonoids, substances that are active biologically in the body. Some of the saponins in notoginseng are believed to provide the raw materials for the creation of important hormones that regulate energy levels and sexual function. Notoginseng has also been reported to stimulate the immune system.
  • Heart and circulatory system:
  • Other research has pointed to notoginseng's benefits for the heart and circulatory system. Through actions not completely understood, notoginseng appears to increase blood flow to the coronary arteries, which are the blood vessels that supply blood to the heart muscle. Heart disease usually results from blockages in the coronary arteries. Notoginseng also seems to increase the consumption of oxygen by the muscles in the heart. These actions have the effect of lowering blood pressure and regulating the rhythm of the heart. It is used for curing coronary heart disease. After taking it, patients¡¯ condition were notably improved, and their cardiogram showed that when they rested or did sports, their condition was getting better. When it is used to cure high blood fat, the high content of cholesterin or the total blood serum fat in blood is notably lowered.
  • Positive effects on the blood:
  • Notoginseng also has been reported to have positive effects on the blood. It lowers cholesterol, and is believed to help dissolve clots. At the same time, it is reputed to stop bleeding both internally and externally. Notoginseng root is one of the main herbs prescribed in Chinese medicine for traumatic injuries. In fact, the root has been distributed to members of armed forces in Asian countries to be used in case of traumatic injury and bleeding.
  • Treatment of HIV infection:
  • Possible newer uses for notoginseng root include treatment of HIV infection. A recently discovered xylanase, which is a type of enzyme found in plant roots, was isolated from the roots of Panax notoginseng. The new xylanase appears to inhibit HIV-1 reverse transcriptase, which is an enzyme that allows the human immunodeficiency virus to integrate itself into the chromosomes inside a cell.
  • Treating severely chapped skin:
  • Sanqi (Panax notoginseng) powder for treating severely chapped skin [Jiangxi Zhongyiyao, 23(1): 35(1992)]. In addition to other effects (immunomodulating, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, etc), sanqi is well known for its hemostatic and wound-healing properties. In this report, results of treating 68 patients with chapped skin are presented. Thirty-six patients were complicated with ringworm of the feet and 41 experienced different degrees of pain or bleeding. Duration of illness ranged form 6 months to 15 years. Method: Mix 30g of sanqi powder well with an adequate amount of sesame oil to form a uniform paste, place it in a sealed clean container, and reserve for later use. Soak the afflicted areas with hot but tolerable water for 10-20 minutes before applying the oily paste. Do this 3-4 times daily for 30 days. Results: After treatment, 45 patients were healed, with no recurrence after more than 1 year; and 23 showed improvements, with longer periods between recurrences, which again responded to the same treatment. The fastest response was 3 weeks and the longest 7 weeks, with an average of 3.7 weeks. It is recommended that the paste be also used as a preventive by applying it to affected areas once every 1 to 2 days.
  • Preservation of life:
  • "The miracle root for the preservation of life," as it is called by the Chinese, stands as one of the great health preserving herbs known to mankind. Notoginseng, also called Tienchi ginseng, is a relative of Panax Ginseng. It is a superb blood tonic and blood cleanser when cooked. It is a powerful blood vitalizing agent when consumed raw, and is believed by the Chinese to protect the heart and vascular system. It can be used externally to stop bleeding. It is widely used in Chinese herbalism internally as a tonic after traumatic injury. It is one of China's premier longevity herbs.
  • Boost Sleep:
  • Improve memory, prevent brain cell damage, enhance the stress response and calm the nervous system. Panax Notoginseng Leaf Extract is one of the most important Chinese herbs used to optimize blood circulation and nourish the blood. Scientific studies show the herb has a particularly beneficial effect on cardiovascular health. It can strengthen heart muscle contraction, normalize blood pressure, reduce plaque formation and blood clots (including strokes). Panax notoginseng is also known to improve arterial elasticity and prevent hardening of the arteries. Other research shows this remarkable herb to improve heart, brain and body oxygenation at the cellular level. This may explain its ability to improve memory, prevent brain cell damage, enhance the stress response and calm the nervous system. Brain infarction: it has good effect on treating apoplexy caused by cerebral veins stasis.
  • Calcium channel blocker activity:
  • Panax Notoginseng: This herb has been described as having calcium channel blocker activity that may exert additive antihypertensive properties when administered concomitantly.
  • Invigorates blood circulation:
  • Invigorates blood circulation and reduces stasis of blood, stimulates the menstrual flow and actives venationcollaterals, dilates blood vessels, ameliorates blood circulation, prevents conglomeration of haematoblast and increases the blood flux to the brain.It is used to treat apoplexy, hemiplegy, sequela of cerebrovascular diseases, ophthalmopathy, block of the centre vein of the retina, Eye Anterior chamber hemorrhage. An injection of Total Panax notoginseng saponins can dilate blood vessels, ameliorate microcirculation, reduce obstruction in blood vessel. It has a good effect on treating Heart disease from lung disorders and heart exhaustion.
  • Cure toxic hepatitis:
  • Panax Notoginseng is used in curing toxic hepatitis, and the content of SGTP is notably reduced. It is also Anti-liver fibrosis, and can prevent hepatitis complicated by digestive path bleeding.
  • Cure skull flesh wound:
  • Panax Notoginseng can be used to cure skull flesh wound external wound of head, chronic kidney function failure, scar proliferation after burn (an injury) (like by fire) and parodontitis.Famous wound healing medicine Yunnan Baiyao and PianZaiHuang is composed of SanQi and other herbs.
  • Pharmacological effects for blood vessles of brain and heart:
  • TCM Wuhan college do some research about panax notoginseng on coronal vessel circulation,oxygen consumption ratio of heart muscle,result prove and positively recognize panax notoginseng belongs to a ideal herb for coronal heart expanding,with fine properties of strong side vessel circulation and improve microcirculation,and these just the necessary properties of herbs for anti-angina.
  • Metabolism Effects of Panax Notoginseng:
  • Dr.ZHu Qiyan applied panax notoginseng powder for rabbit,process an experiment of body weight variation and intestine absorption subject. Result proved that panax notoginseng effectively lower ratio of Triacyl Glycerol, thus benefit for body,thus Dr.Zhu declared in his paper that constituents of panax notoginseng better than any kind of China ginseng,Korea ginseng, and American ginseng, and panax notoginseng is the King of ginseng. TCM college of Yunnan applied panax notogiseng root powder for treatment of high blood pressure(hypertension), coronary heart disease, brain arteriosclerosis and other cases with higher blood cholesterol, positive fine effects got, and the method is simple: raw panax notoginseng root powder 1 grams oral taken, twice daily, with a lot of water, 1 month period.
  • Sedation and Body Building Effects:
  • The main effective constituents of ginseng herbs is triterpenes, ginseng triterpenes contains decade of different effective molecular unit,the most important of them are Ginsenoside R0, Ginsenoside Rb1, Ginsenoside Rg1, Ginsenoside Rd1, Ginsenoside Re, among them, Ginsenoside R0 can make takeners feels trance, Ginsenoside Rb1 release calm and sedative effects on nerve centre; Ginsenoside Rg1 brings satisfying and exciting on nerve centre, release anti-fatigue effects; Ginsenoside Rb1 and Ginsenoside Rg1 also boost the metabolism of blood cholsterol and cholesterol, and prompt the RNA and new protein composition in mitochondrion. Panax notoginseng contains big amount of Ginsenoside Rb1 and considerable amount of Ginsenoside Rg1, nearly no Ginsenoside R0, thus effects fine full spirit energy and no trance and other negative effects, other kind of ginsengs contains considerable amount of Ginsenoside R0, big amount of Ginsenoside Rb1 and small amount of Ginsenoside Rg1, taken big amount will cause dry heat and spirit trance.
  • Coronary heart disease:
  • Apply and taken panax notoginseng root 3 times daily,1 grams dosage,30 days 1 treatment period,triterpenes and flavones of notoginseng proved strong supporting heart muscle and expand volume of heart blood,lower artery pressure,reduce oxygen consumption of heart muscle.
  • Building blocks of adrenal hormones:
  • More than 12% of the root extract is composed of saponins. It contains many kinds of amino acids and trace minerals. Many of the ingredients in Notoginseng are the building blocks of adrenal hormones, such as cortisol and reproductive hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and progesterone. It also produces nonspecific RNA to deploy amino acids to form gamma globulin, which acts as an antibody for the control and prevention of a broad range of diseases.


CASE: Vertigo

AGE: Early 30's
I had my first attack of vertigo in the year 1996. Since then everytime I get stressed expecially at work, when I bore my children and getting older, I experience more and more attack.
Getting up in the morning was difficult, I felt the room was going around and I thought I would fall. My hands would cling tightly to the grills of the headboard of our bed for fear of falling. Yes, I do scream whenever I noticed I developed a lump at the back of my head at the upper portion of the right part of my neck and everytime I touch it, it is painful and reminds me of the pain I feel whenever I have vertigo attacks.
If my dentist or dermatologist would treat me, they already know that they can not make me face the right side because I would get out of balance and or have slight seizure attacks. So they have no choice but to always work on the left side even if they are treating the right side of my head.
So when Mr. Yap gave me Sanchi to drink before going to bed and getting up in the morning. I don't experience vertigo attacks.
But I notice even if I drink once only, I will not have vertigo attacks for the next 2 weeks. I noticed also that the lump at the back of my neck became smaller.

CASE: Ear Problems and Partially Deaf

NAME: Tess Montaine
LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia
AGE: 60's
I was a swimmer when I was in college. I can also swim in deep seas but, swimming caused damaged to my eardrum. I was partially deaf. My doctor recommend me to wear an earpiece to regulate the sounds that my sense of hearing is receiving.
Riding in an airplane also makes my ears painful. Sometimes when I want to lie down I would hear unbearable noise inside my ear like the sound of a siren.
When my daughter Christine, sent me a small bottle of Sanchi Yae, I consumed it for 3 days. I feel okay, and I don't have complaints about my hearing problems anymore. I don't know how long this would make me feel good, so I asked my daughter to send me bottles of Sanchi Yae again for my follow-up treatment.

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